Tube Labeller: TU-8


Tube Labeller


Touted by one of Australia’s leading tube manufacturers as “incorporating all things you would want in one machine” the Compact TU-8 & TU-8+(plus) is designed to label plastic tubes with clear or opaque labels which can simply be wrapped onto the tubes or optionally oriented to “flip-caps” or “registration marks”. The tube labeler has been designed to operate as a Stand-alone unit, however infeed and outfeed conveyors can be added if required.


  • Tube products manufacturers
  • Contract Packers
  • Tube Manufacturers


The standard machine consists of an infeed slide – adjustable by one screw knob for different size tubes. The infeed slide and pusher mechanism conceived by Compact is quite unique and while providing a large tolerance for setup – ensures zero rejects during the loading of the tube on the mandrels, even if the tubes have been previously damaged. The unique features of this machine will be forwarded to interested customers, please contact us for specific requirements.


  • tu-8-plus-animationTU-8 up to 50 diameter tubes – TU-8+ up to 65 diameter tubes
  • Air reservoir ensures full air capacity for efficient running
  • Unique compact design to minimise floor usage – not much bigger than a standard pallet
  • Combination pneumatic / cam tube pusher ensures smooth reliable operation
  • Uses the reliable Compact Labelling Head and controller – ensuring Ease of set up
  • Stack/Tower Light with operator friendly logic – flashing / on / off light sequences
  • Robust, heavy duty construction – the machine is designed for years of trouble free and maintenance free productivity. No lubrication or awkward adjustments are required
  • Quick setup for various tubes and labels
  • Simple to Operate with the build it alarms and Compact controller
  • Economical design incorporating high reliability and low maintenance
  • Unique features can be supplied on request – contact us


  • Capacitance Scanner – for detecting Clear labels
  • Motorised Rewind Units – using AC Brushless motors for no maintenance to rewind full roll of backing paper
  • Early End of Roll detection – Stops machine and raises alarm prior to running out of labels
  • Infeed & Outfeed Conveyors, chutes etc… to your requirements
  • Infeed Conveyor Lengths – std 1.5M – Opt customer requirements
  • Outfeed Conveyor Lengths – std 1.5M – Opt 0.75M or customer requirements
  • Sensors for detecting Registration Mark and/or Flip-Top Caps

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