Rotary Labeller: R12


Rotary Labeller: R12


The Compact R12, a Rotary labeller is the most flexible of all labelling machines. It is capable of labelling round, oval (including conical) bottles – front / back type bottles. Labels can be partial or full wrap, spot or front and back labels. This style of machine is designed to operate in an existing line.


  • Wine Bottle Labelling – front & back, full wrap or spot labels – round or reverse tapered
  • Personal Care products – Shampoo etc…
  • Chemical or Household products as in Window Cleaner or Automotive type products.


The standard machine consists of a 3.0M conveyor. On pressing Run the conveyor starts, the products once on the conveyor will travel until they come in contact with the sychronished scroll, the products are then released into the infeed starwheel which places the product onto the rotating turret for labelling. With one to four labelling heads capable of being fitted many options for label placement can result. Once products are labelled the feed off the machine through the outfeed starwheel and onto the integrated conveyor.

The Drive System incorporates a 5 HP 3-Phase Motor with Digital Electronic Speed Controller for ‘Ramped’ start-up and Electronic Brake for controlled slow-down & Turret Stop.
Some products if labelled empty or if moulded using minimal material (some PET bottles) may require inflating to provide support during the label application process. This inflation capability is provided by blowing compressed air into the product. Whether one or twelve products run through the machine, constant pressure is maintained on each product. Due to the unique inflation system adopted by Compact, factory compressed air is not wasted on empty platforms.


Conveyor Length from 3000mm
Conveyor Height 900mm
Overall Dim’ W3000xD1800xH2000
Power Requirements 415V 3 phase & Air
Weight 2600kg


Label Roll Diameter 380mm – 76 Core
Product Diameter Min’ 20mm – Max’ 115mm
Product Height Min’ 100mm – Max’ 300mm
Label Size Min’ 12mm x 12mm
Label Height Max’ 180mm – Opt’ 250mm
Label Length Max’ 200mm
Throughput up to 150 per minute*

* Product & Label Dependent


  • “Tool-Less Quick Change” change parts, colour coded
  • Designed to be incorporated into demanding, high-speed production lines.
  • Uses the reliable Compact Labelling Head and controller – ensuring Ease of set up
  • Stack/Tower Light with operator friendly logic – flashing / on / off light sequence
  • Full Synchronised speeds – incorporating German Stepper Motors on the labelling heads and AC Brushless motors on all other drives
  • Robust, heavy duty construction – the machine is designed for years of trouble free and maintenance free productivity. No lubrication or awkward adjustments are required
  • Simple to Operate with the build it alarms and Compact controller
  • Economical design incorporating high reliability and low maintenance
  • Multiple Bottle Turns are employed by a hardened cam
  • Mounting access for up to 4 Self Adhesive Labelling Heads – providing capability for non-stop or Zero down time operation
  • Reliable scroll feed and star wheel tool-less change parts – that ensure rapid changeover for different product shapes and sizes
  • For Flat/Oval Shaped containers pantographed Bottle Platforms are available to precisely control and orient containers for accurate Labelling at all speeds.
  • Gear System: Fully Planetary Gear-driven Power Train with Precision Hardened Steel Gears.
  • Turret Assembly: Fully Adjustable Turret Height by Electric push-button control with height limit switches and Height setting device.
  • Stainless Steel Console enclosure with full guarding to Cams and Scroll Feed Worm
  • Scroll Feedscrew and lnfeed & Outfeed Star Wheels are fitted with fully automatic Clutch Safety Mechanisms for shut down during Bottle jams.
  • Enclosed ‘friction-minimised’ Cam Operated Bottle Hold Down Mechanism
  • Integrated Conveyor driven by separate Drive Motor allowing by-pass of Rotary Turret for off-line operation.


  • Capacitance Scanner – for detecting Clear labels
  • Tandem operation for Non-stop operation
  • Motorised Rewind Units – using AC Brushless motors for no maintenance to rewind full roll of backing paper
  • Inflation for labelling of empty bottles
  • Guarding to meet all requirements
  • Conveyor Lengths – 3.6M, 4.8M
  • Slightly Tapered bottles or containers can be labelled (bottle/label dependant)
  • Hot Foil Printer or Thermal Printer – for printing use by/batch codes or bar codes

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