Front/Back/Wrap Combo: FBXX





The Compact Combination Labeler, incorporates front back and wrap labelling capabilities all in one machine, as the name implies the machine comes in various configurations FBW, FB3R, FBWV, FBW3R and FBWV3R, all of which provide the capability of labelling Front and Back on non-round or oval containers as well as wrap labels on round containers. The machine can be operated in an existing line or as a Stand-alone unit.


Front / Back

  • fb-bottle-samples (1)Personal Care products – Shampoo etc…
  • Chemical or Household products as in Window Cleaner or Automotive type products.
  • Engine Oil – Jerry Can type containers
  • Pharmaceutical products


  • Aerosol Cans – with label/s oriented to seam, spot, full or partial wrap
  • Plastic Bottles – with full wrap label – where label alignment is critical
  • Poison or Embossed Bottles – with orientation to embossing
  • Soft sided bottles – maintaining good control


The standard machine consists of a 3.6M x 900mm high conveyor. On pressing Run the conveyor starts, the products once on the conveyor will travel until they come in contact with one of the Product Spacing devices.

The products are then released at intervals set by the operator. The product is then aligned by the Squaring Chain Unit, this aligns the product prior to being gripped by the Overhead Conveyor which is automatically synchronised to travel at the same speed as the main conveyor. The product then has the side labels wiped onto the product.

The Wrap W or WV (Vacuum)
 , provides speed and flexibility when wrapping label/s on cylindrical containers. The key advantage of this style of machine over the 3R range is speed. The label/s can be partial or full wrap while the machine can be operated in an existing line or as a Stand-alone unit. The W capability uses the back labelling head, if one labelling head is insufficient and the Front/Back capability not required the WV2 or WVT should be investigated, as against the WS machine which
has no capability of growth.


Conveyor Length from 3000mm
Conveyor Height 900mm
Overall Dim’ L3600xD2100xH1650
Power Requirements 240V & Air*

* Dependent on machine style


Label Roll Diameter Max’ 380mm – 76 Core
Min’ Product Size FB 20w x 20t x 60h – based on stability
Max’ Product Size FB 300w x 110t x 300h
Min’ Product Size W 20Dia x 40h
Max’ Product Size W 110Dia x 300h
Label Size Min’ 12mm x 12mm*
Label Height Max’ 180mm – Opt’ 250mm
Label Length Product Specific
Throughput up to 150 per minute**

*   Dependent on machine style
** Product & Label Dependent and operation style

fb-animation (1)     fb-bp-animation


  • Uses the reliable Compact Labelling Head and controller – ensuring Ease of set upFull Synchronised speeds – incorporating German Stepper Motors on the labelling heads and AC Brushless motors on all other drives
  • Centralising & Aligning Squaring Chains – for perfect product alignment without the need for change parts
  • Independently Sprung Segmented Overhead Conveyor – allowing for bottle height variations
  • Robust, heavy duty construction – the machine is designed for years of trouble free and maintenance free productivity. No lubrication or awkward adjustments are required
  • Quick setup for various containers and labels, with minimum change parts and tool-less adjustments
  • Simple to Operate with the built in alarms and Compact controller
  • Economical design incorporating high reliability and low maintenance


  • Capacitance Scanner – for detecting Clear labels
  • Motorised Rewind Units – using AC Brushless motors for no maintenance to rewind full roll of backing paper
  • Conveyor Lengths – 4.8M
  • Squeegee applicators for that “No-Label Look”
  • Devices for 3 & 4 panel wraps
  • Hot Foil Printer or Thermal Printer – for printing use by/batch codes or bar codes
  • Product Spacing Devices = Pneumatic Gate, Dual Drive Wheel, Free Spinning Wheel

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