Front/back – Zero Downtime: FBT




The FBT (Front / Back – Tandem) is a NON-STOP labeler or sometimes known as Zero Down Time Labeler, it incorporates features such as Tandem operation, where two labelling heads are set to run the same label and when one labelling head runs out of labels the second head starts labelling. The machine ensures that no product goes through the machine without a label and that no product receives two labels. The FBT machine encapsulates all the advanced features of the Compact range into one package ensuring that the machine runs hour after hour, day by day, non-stop, as such the machine incorporates the best in engineering practices using components that require minimal maintenance, support and spare parts.


  • Personal Care products – Shampoo etc…
  • Chemical or Household products as in Window Cleaner or Automotive type products.
  • Engine Oil – Jerry Can type container
  • Pharmaceutical products


fb-bottle-samples (1)The standard machine consists of a 3.6M x 900mm high conveyor. On pressing Run the conveyor starts, the products once on the conveyor will travel until they come in contact with the; Dual Drive Product Spacing & Pre-Aligning device which can be adjusted to suit any product size without change parts or tools, the products are then released at intervals set by the operator. Continuing on their path the product is then aligned by the; Squaring Chain Unit, this perfectly aligns the product and can be adjusted by turning a self-centering hand-wheel to suit any product size without change parts or tools, prior to being gripped by the; Independently Sprung Multi Segmented Overhead Conveyor which provides constant pressure and is automatically synchronised to travel at the same speed as the main conveyor, once reaching the first labelling head it is determined if a label is available if not the product travels to the next labelling head to be labelled.


  • Conveyor Length from 3600mm
  • Conveyor Height 900mm
  • Overall Dim’ L3600xD2100xH1550
  • Power Requirements 240V
  • Gross Crate Dim’ L3750xD1700xH1600 – 900Kgs


  • Label Roll Diameter 380mm – 76 Core
  • Product Thickness Min’ 20mm – based on stability
  • Product Height Max’ 300mm
  • Label Size Min’ 12mm x 12mm
  • Label Height Max’ 180mm
  • Label Length Product Specific
  • Throughput up to 300 per minute*

* Product & Label Dependent


  • Uses the reliable Compact Labelling Head and controller – ensuring Ease of set up
  • Designed to be incorporated into demanding, high-speed production lines.
  • Full Synchronised speeds – incorporating German Stepper Motors on the labelling heads and AC Brushless motors on all other drives
  • Stack/Tower Light with operator friendly logic – flashing / on / off light sequence
  • Zero Down Time – Non Stop operation
  • Motorised Rewind Units – using AC Brushless motors for no maintenance to rewind full roll of backing paper
  • Centralising & Aligning Squaring Chains – for perfect product alignment without the need for change parts
  • Independently Sprung Segmented Overhead Conveyor – allowing for bottle height variations
  • Robust, heavy duty construction – the machine is designed for years of trouble free and maintenance free productivity. No lubrication or awkward adjustments are required
  • Quick setup for various containers and labels, with minimum change parts and tool-less adjustments
  • Simple to Operate with the build it alarms and Compact controller
  • Economical design incorporating high reliability and low maintenance


  • Capacitance Scanner – for detecting Clear labels
  • Conveyor Lengths – 4.8M
  • Max’ label Height from 180mm to 250mm
  • Squeegee applicators for that “No-Label Look”

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