Front/Back Labeller: FB


Front/Back Labeller


The criteria customers look for in a Front Back Labeller is ease of setup, accurate & consistent label placement and reliability. These are all the features built into the Compact FB range of machines. When labelling large Jerry cans – possibly with only a front label, this machine can be supplied as a Front only – F.  While the FB style of machine permits the labelling of Non-Round / Oval containers, it is common for customers to require the capability of Wrap as in Combination style machines. The machine can be operated in an existing line or as a Stand-alone unit.


  • Personal Care products – Shampoo etc…
  • Chemical or Household products as in Window Cleaner or Automotive type products.
  • Engine Oil – Jerry Can type containers
  • Pharmaceutical products



The standard machine consists of a 3.0M x 900mm high conveyor. On pressing Run the conveyor starts, the products once on the conveyor will travel until they come in contact with one of the Product Spacing devices, the products are then released at intervals set by the operator. The product is then aligned by the Squaring Chain Unit, this aligns the product prior to being gripped by the Overhead Conveyor which is automatically synchronised to travel at the same speed as the main conveyor, the product then has the side labels wiped on.



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