About Us


Compact Labelling is a privately held company, established in 1978 in Sydney, Australia to manufacture high performance Pressure Sensitive (Self-Adhesive) Label Application Equipment. Since then Compact have successfully sold machines worldwide with a product range that extends from, Hand Operated Devices, Labelling Heads, Semi-Automatic Labellers and many fully automatic Labellers models, such as ‘Wrap-Around’, ‘Wrap-Around with Orientation’, ‘Front & Back’, ‘Top’, ‘Bottom’, ‘Side’ Labellers. With In-Line and Rotary Labeller designs, ‘Zero Down-Time’ Labellers and many ‘Purpose Built’ designs.

Compact Labelling has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation in Self-Adhesive Label Application. In 1985 Compact Labelling developed and introduced Australia’s first Microprocessor Controlled Self-Adhesive Label Applicator.

It’s successor was another milestone in Compact’s development, it was received enthusiastically in 1995 by new and existing users of Compact Labelling Equipment world-wide. As a consequence of this tremendous success Compact Labelling have emerged as both a manufacturer of complete Self-Adhesive Labelling Equipment and sophisticated Labelling System’s Controller. This has provided Compact Labelling with the opportunity of supplying these components to OEM’s to be fitted to their material handling equipment in other parts of the world.

On going research and development in labelling technologies has since improved even further on labelling accuracy and speed performance, as well as their user friendliness by using ‘windows terminology’ interface menus.

In 2001 Compact Labelling has established a manufacturing facility in Thailand to better serve the emerging Self-Adhesive Labelling Industry in SE Asia. With the supply of quality and performance driven labelling equipment and professional after-sales service and support, Compact Labelling has attained a formidable market presence in SE Asia.

Since 2005 on-going developments and the availability of improved motion and control technologies have seen Compact Labelling entering the ‘high-end’, ‘hi-tech’ labelling machine market. Further developments are planned and expected in the future.