5 Reasons to Switch to Self-adhesive Labelling

Cold glue labels have been in the market way before self-adhesive labels were and still dominate the food and beverage industry. However, the companies’ desire to deliver additional graphic attributes in their branding whilst still being cost effective is now fuelling the global switch to self-adhesive labelling.

Reason #1: Reduced Machine Cost
Compact Labelling Self-adhesive labelling machine is half the cost of a typical cold glue labelling machine.

Reason #2: Greater Flexibility
Cold glue labels require technical expertise and the contribution of changing parts to the cost can be significantly massive. Whereas, self-adhesive labels are more flexible when handling different product lines. Changeovers are simple as switching rolls. This translates to quicker, easier operations, less downtime and higher productivity.

Reason #3: Faster Application Speeds
Since self-adhesive labelling uses a reel-fed applicator, it’s far simpler to set-up. The release coating permits easy removal of the label from the protective backing liner and can be simply applied to the product. By comparison, roll-fed self-adhesive labelling machines can label products in ‘one pass’ reducing the manufacturing time to almost half. According to a client, it takes them half the time, 33 hours, to label egg cartons with a self-adhesive labelling machine compared to 67 hours needed with their Cold Glue labelling machine.

Reason #4: Reduced Labour Cost
With self-adhesive labelling. you get much less label scrap from tears, jams and mislabeled products. In addition, clean-up is simpler and quicker without the mess of glue.

Reason #5: Overall cost vs Label cost
Self -adhesive labels, typically paper or film, can be more expensive as it includes the cost of the liner and the adhesive which are already applied. However, considering all the cost factors of the packaging process, self-adhesive labelling has a much lower total applied cost.

Below is a cost comparison of Cold Glue vs. Self-Adhesive Labelling:

Compact Labelling cold glue vs self adhesive comparison v1


Why Choose Compact Labelling
Compact Labelling has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation in Self-Adhesive Label Application. Our technology is known worldwide for quality, reliability, and productivity, while the equipment produces billions of quality decorated name brand products of all shapes and sizes year after year.

Our labelling machines are designed for low maintenance, with minimal down-time and maximum efficiency, allowing you to confidently run the machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Compact labelling prides itself in providing you with a cost effective solution not only at the time of purchase but throughout the lifetime of your machine with reduce maintenance and label costs compared to other technologies on the market.

If you are considering a new or replacement labelling solution for your business, contact our compact labelling team on 02 – 9748 7001 who can tailor a solution for you.

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